Though the Breakfast receives generous donations from many sources, there is always a great need. Below are some items we are currently tracking for this 2015 year:

Quantity Item Area
100 Coats Clothing Room
300 Scarves & Gloves Clothing Room
300 Canned Fruit Food Boxes
1 Canola Oil (gallon) Breakfast
2 Maple Syrup (gallon) Breakfast
100 Black Tea Breakfast
600 New and Used Clothing Clothing Room
300 Coffee Mate creamer packets Breakfast
400 Sweet & Low Packets Breakfast
800 Butter (individual) Breakfast
400 Small Plates Breakfast
50 Garbage Bags (33gl.) Breakfast
100 Garbage Bags (13gl.) Breakfast
10 Scotch Tape Toy Room
300 Canned Food Food Boxes
300 Hats Clothing Room
6 Tableclothes Dining Room
2 Wrapping Paper Dining Room
100 Small Bowls Dining Room
50 Gallon Ziploc Bags Dining Room

If you can donate any of these items please bring them to:

Business Address Times/Dates for 2015
Girl Scouts OSW Portland Service Center 9620 SW Barbur Blvd. Portland M-F 9am to 5pm
Grocery Outlet 354 S First Ave. Hillsboro on Dec 5th 6th 12th or 19th – 9am to 1pm only
A Wild Hair 1050 SW Baseline Hillsboro Anytime in the month of December – Closed Wednesday and Sunday
Email WCGSCB Contact for a scheduled pick-up

Any unused donations or items from our event are picked up and used by Centro Cultural of Cornelius.  These items are distributed out to the larger community whom can’t attend our event.